As a musician, Jaroslav Hovorka is known primarily as the leader of the Heuréka group. This ensemble recorded several music programmes for the Czech Television, namely such as programmes as Ejhle (Lo and Behold), Heuréka and Devatero tváří lásky (Nine Faces of Love), directed by J. Bonaventura. Jaroslav Hovorka participated in these programmes not only as a musician but also as a scriptwriter. The group recorded songs for the Czech Radio in Prague, Hradec Králové and Ústí nad Labem on a regular basis.


Heuréka - Sha, still!

Heuréka s Ruth Litai – Jacoby a Rudolfem Pellarem
released as: CD

Heuréka - Rise, Shepherds

Vánoční koledy
released as: LP

Simulatenbande - lípy, desítka & rock`n`roll

Cover verze rockových kapel
released as: CD

Heuréka - Look and Behold

Heuréka performed folk songs from many countries of the world and from home. Its typical…
released as: LP